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The story could very well reflect a typical course of events in a real-life initiation journeys, and the fact that the a thousand year before the Edda was written, most Germanic people considered the maternal uncle responsible for his sister´s children and their education, and that in some tribe the mother´s brother was more important in the upbringing of children than the biological father.The Vanir were said to marry their own siblings, thus Freyr and Freya, themselves clandestinely engaged at some point, are the children of a brother and a sister.

Sigmund Volsung, a descendant of Freyr and an exciled prince, lives like an animal in the forests of Norway when one day he is approached by a is in reality his own sister, who has been forced to marry the king who usurped the throne of their people.] became famous, his enemies feared him but his friends trusted him and believed in his magical power, and in himself.Most of his arts he taught to his sacrificial priests, and they were next after him in wisdom and sorcery.”often changed his shape; then his body lay as if dead or sleeping, while he himself was a bird or a four-legged animal, fish or serpent, and traveled in swift movement to faraway countries, either on his own behalf of on the behalf of others.Male sorcerers who were not gay, transgender or particularly feminine would still be seen as operating within a subtle, hidden, mysterious sphere that was “unmanly”, manliness being associated with openness and direct confrontation rather than the performing of secret spells. A guard then presents Sigurd to his uncle for the first time, and the young man is warmly greeted.The two talk for a while, until Sigurd humly asks his uncle if he would be so kind as to tell him his destiny.

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