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Just because the press has chosen not to report doesn't mean he's in the closet.[quote]He hasn't done a People cover, R5, or issued a press release but he's certainly more out than Anderson Cooper, who is constantly defended around here. He may or may not be an ass in person, but what matters to most of us in the audience is the relationship we will have with him -- on the small and big screen. He's getting consistently excellent reviews in what should have been a throw-away movie - "Star Trek."Here's just one, from"...

Wasn't he supposed to have been bearding with Hayden what's-her-face? Quinto, in particular, gives a performance that's both richly shaded and quietly vibrant.

Even his complexion looks like marble, a substance incapable of showing emotion until emotion is carved into it; Quinto does that from the inside out."He and Adam Lambert are out in the same sense, (Zac's BF knows Adam) but they don't feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

They're gay, they just live their lives as gay men and that's that. All of you who think these guys have an obligation to hold a press conference and tell the world they're gay make no sense to me.

She made her debut at the age of 5 in the movie Now and Then (1995) but was credited as Willa Glen.

Her mother hired cameramen to video tape her birth.

But isn't it interesting that standing right there, right by Steve's hunky side on all those requisite red-carpets will be.....a fake girlfriend. Yes, he does, actually, and he doesn't give a crap. Close buds to No-Beave insist, assure and swear on their equally humpy hearts that NBS has made it an edict that he will not be participating in the only-for-show romance game so many of his movies' handlers have tried to make him participate in. Just can't wait for the first reporter to call him on what he so obviously plans on not hiding? R25, To answer the other comment/your question I found this online to sum it up for you.

He grew up middle class, went to C-M, and everything he says and does tries to highlight where he went to school! CM grads are pretty much never going to be more than d list. But it's a lot closer to Ibsen than THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS or something.

I was watching The Insider last week and Chris & Zac were being interviewed.

I'm glad that he got the Star Trek opportunity to break out into major stardom.

He is a good actor, head and shoulders above Milo, Hayden, or any of the other young actors on Heroes.

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