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More Tennis, Fitness, Gym, Gymnastics, Jogging, Bicycling, Swimming, Dancing, Parks, Cinema, Reading, Nature, Theatre, Traveling, Art/Design, Museums, Concert, Other, Floriculture, Meeting with friends, Cooking.More To be honest I don't believe in love from the first sight, because I appreciate internal quality of people, but not only there beautiful face and body.No matter how much you enjoy blissful idleness but hiking and a boat trip is a must in Ajaccio.Otherwise, it’s like you went to Paris and ignored Montmarte wine-drinking (whaaat? My favourite moment was a seemingly never-ending walk to the Genovese Tower: it included Corsican flora wonders, like the dead horse arum lily or the spiny boom, and songs of the Corsican nuthatch (you won’t hear this track anywhere else, limited edition! Then a trip to the west coast of the island – the Scandola Nature Reserve, Girolata and Calanches de Piana. My numerous friends say that I am really reliable, sociable, understanding;and I try to help everyone in difficult minute of life.And if I get the same response I can give all my sincere love in exchange.Real profiles of our website, lonely and beautiful ladies and men - that is what we guarantee.

Its hills, shores and streets smell of laurel, myrtle, rosemary, nepeta and immortelle – I just wanted to bottle Corsican air up and carry in the pocket of my skirt.Photo: Ksenia Kosheleva The last but not least: this is the 15-th century Ajaccio citadel that was built by the Genoese, retaken by the French and witnessed some dark moments during the Italian occupation.Now its peace and harmony are protected by admirably brave and silly city goat, happily trotting along the fortified walls. Which is, in a way, possible: a few immortelle sachets for the wardrobe and a small bag of nepeta for seasoning salads and meat and voilà! I was under the illusion that the culinary usage of chestnuts is limited by the Christmas market. The amount of chestnuts groves all across the island explains why their smokey-sweet taste is everywhere: chestnut flour (for cakes, crêpes, bread – anything), chestnut beer (local brewery, very subtle taste), chestnut biscuits, polenta, ice-cream, warm chocolate cream with chestnuts, chestnut cereals, chestnut aperitif – digestif and even…chestnut Chupa Chups. (I am a daughter of a librarian, forgive me the unnecessary exclamation marks).8000 books were donated by Cardinal Joseph Fesch, Napoleon’s uncle.

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