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So today, I’m going to share with you two secrets about the psychology of men and falling in love.I will demystify men and make men EASY to interact with. You will learn the basics of psychology – what drives men, how they start falling in love, how to make them stay, and how to control your interactions with a man.And women of color continue to break barriers and contribute to psychology as scientists, practitioners and policymakers to this day.

Research has also shown that couples tend to be similarly matched in attractiveness.Maybe you are the next Mamie Phipps Clark, Martha Bernal or Reiko True who will transform psychology and the world for the better.I get hundreds of emails a day from women asking me about male psychology in relationships and dating. The psychology of women when it comes to relationships and dating is complicated and confuses most women…You may or may not be familiar with documentary and TV show Catfish, which chronicles the very real problem (and devastating consequences) of deception in online dating.In fact, although 94% of online daters deny that their internet profiles contain any lies, 54% of online daters reported feeling someone seriously misrepresented themselves in their profile.

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