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Ora spuntano alcune foto che la ritraggono allegra e spontanea in compagnia di un gruppo di amici. The only part I don't get is why would Clooney have a need to get married? In certain states I guess it would be important, but there are a lot of other places in the US where it wouldn't be important.3 July, 2012Single Guy and Married Couple have been friends for a long time. Nor is Single Guy romantically involved with Married Girl.

You will often catch pretty photos of them hanging out together every couple of months. However, they do have a very interesting arrangement.

Amal Clooney(George)March 7, 2016The wife of this A list mostly movie actor who is an Academy Award winner/nominee doesn’t approve of his extra curricular activities with his male celebrity friend so our wife now stays far far away when our actor is having his fun.

(Amal Clooney/George Clooney/Rande Gerber )March 29, 2016So, you are married to an A lister. Why on earth would you have a big event somewhere else?

There definitely isn’t any time or room for phony people who want to latch onto her to boost their own profile. Actress: Angelina Jolie Actor: George Clooney Actor’s New Wife: Amal Clooney October 3, 2015Why yes, that was the barely celebrity wife of this A list mostly movie actor eating alone in the downstairs eating hall at The Plaza.

She then got a text and quickly made her way upstairs to a suite where she stayed for two hours.

Married Girl is the selector of Single Girl, ergo the decision maker in Single Girl’s termination. Once the Single Girl is part of this lifestyle, the fame-by-association and the lifestyle can make it very difficult to leave.

However, they always do go, thanks to a binding contract and a nice payoff. He had a photo of himself, Amal and Angela Merkel taken not to long ago on a high profile visit to Germany. Why did you gather an array of blind items allegedly about George Clooney? And I do not believe that Cindy fucking Crawford is dictating who beards for George, so that she can fuck them. I don't know if Clooney is in the closet or not, and I don't care.

(Amal Clooney/George Clooney)8 August, 2015The wife of this A list mostly movie actor is paying big bucks to keep a story quiet about a relationship she previously had with a guy. Even though it was a long time ago, the public would be in an uproar about the other man because of his beliefs and past.

They are escorted up to his room where they enjoy his company for several hours.

A hired car pulls up the front of the hotel, and several young, slim and beautiful models emerge.

Single Guy: George Clooney Single Girl: Stacy Keibler Married Guy: Randy Berger Married Girl: Cindy Crawford Clooney has always it seemed gone out with pretty faces. He's probably hoping Clinton gets elected and then he'll have his choice of political / diplomatic jobs. If he is, then I don't understand why he chose Amal to be his beard.

Amal looks like a post op Trans, wearing heavy makeup, hair extensions, with an eating disorder to boot.

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He usually stays at the same classic New York hotel. He usually goes out to the same restaurants each time. We’re sure his fiancee really appreciates the fact that she gets to stay in the same suite where he fucks his male model playmates on a regular basis. His girlfriend wants a minimum of $20M to marry the actor because that is how much she claims she will give up in earnings to marry the actor (George Clooney/Amal Alamuddin)JUNE 20, 2014Which A-list actor – who just got engaged – has a deal with his new fianceé that allows him to still see his special gentleman friend even after they get married? She gets to marry a superstar and enjoy all that comes with it – fame and fortune – and he gets to remain in the closet and still enjoy the company of men!

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