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Both shows air at 9pm, so viewers will have to choose between the tri-corn hatted hunk and the toff totty. AIDAN: With two topless scenes in the first episode, Aidan had to keep trim. Seven months of that is boring – no pasties and loads of press-ups. I work with dialect coaches to get his accent right and physically I want him to look a certain way too.But Rufus, 48, has been a pin-up far longer, playing lusty Will Ladislaw in 1994 telly series Middlemarch before moving into movies. That was important.” Poor Aidan has no time to pig out – series three starts filming on Monday.), Benjamin Bratt, and has been married to Danny Moder for 14 years. Christian Bale, Corey Feldman, David Arquette, Edward Norton, Luke Wilson for two years (the longest stint so far), Tom Green, Sam Rockwell, that Brazilian drummer Kristen Wiig (and also Kirsten Dunst) dated, Spike Jonze, Justin Long (three years!KRISTEN (narrowly beat Octavia Spencer in Round One): has dated Matthew Morrison, Kevin Mann, but they don't matter because she's been married to Dax Shepard for three years and we adore them and their refrigerators.(Keeping it real... ), married to writer Will Kopelman for four years, divorced him in 2016, and has been dating the VP of the company that makes her Flower Beauty products, David Hutchinson, since May 2017.Before that he played the “very charming t***er” who breaks Kate Winslet’s heart in rom-com The Holiday.Other beauties he has worked with include Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Legend Of Zorro and Emilia Fox in TV mini-series Helen Of Troy.MAYA (beat Winona Ryder in Round One): had presumable flings with JULIA (beat Michelle Pfieffer in Round One): Strap in because this chick is a real-life runaway bride.Dated Billy Idol, Liam Neeson, Dylan Mc Dermott, was engaged to Kiefer Sutherland, dated Jason Patric, married Lyle Lovett for two years, started dating Ethan Hawke shortly after the divorce, dated Matthew Perry, Daniel Day Lewis (!!!

been married to Australian writer Andrew Upton for 19 years. (Good grief, Drew.)SALMA (beat Elizabeth Moss in Round One): Edward Norton for four years, Josh Lucas for one, and currently married to some dude named Francois Pinault who was with Linda Evangelista before he hooked up with Salma.Hugh Laurie (awesome), Kenneth Branagh (awesome), and has been with Greg Wise since 1995. MAGGIE (beat Ellen Page in Round One): married to a British actor named Robert Stephens in the 60s and 70s and widowed by her second husband, British writer Beverley Cross, in 1998.costar Nicholas Hoult for four years, rebounded with consciously uncoupled Chris Martin of Coldplay, and is currently dating way-older-than-her director Darren Aronofsky.writer is already working on season 4 and hints at major death Melbourne's effect on the show's fanbase was still heavily felt during this evening's episode, as once his name was casually referenced, the floodgates appeared to open on Twitter. She told Digital Spy: "You know, he didn't actually die in the third episode so never say never [to another appearance]!TOMORROW night TV viewers will be spoilt for choice as Poldark hunk Aidan Turner goes chest-to-chest with Victoria’s charming star Rufus Sewell.

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