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Truman, is a former CEO of Pan-American World Airways, one-time head of the Federal Aviation Administration appointed by President John F.Kennedy, and a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense.King Hussein died of cancer February 7, 1999, during noon prayers (Miramax Books, 2003, 432).

It's women who can contribute to achieving real security—not bombs and bullets and repressive governments. programs for women and children, in addition to her longtime campaign against landmines.

Thus, Queen Noor continues to sponsor many projects aimed at increasing educational and work opportunities for Jordanian women. Since 1978, Queen Noor has initiated, directed, and sponsored projects and activities in Jordan to address specific national development needs in the areas of education, culture, women and children’s welfare, human rights, conflict resolution, community development, environmental and architectural conservation, public architecture, and urban planning.

She is also actively involved with international and UN organizations that address global challenges in these fields.

The queen has a younger brother, Christian, and a younger sister, Alexa.

Queen Noor's paternal grandfather, Najeeb Elias Halaby, was a Syrian immigrant of Lebanese descent, who immigrated to the United States at the age of 12.

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