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24) – “The doctors also noted the girl had bruising and marks up and down her body, including bite marks on her arm.

Jane Doe told authorities Deanda and Craig would chain her ankle to the wall and force her to sleep chained by the front door, prosecutors said.

The study is important for the reason that it was designed to give a foundation for public policy.

The study’s authors not that their project and its claims have “implications for healthcare professionals, policymakers, social service agencies, and child protection experts who seek family models in which violence does not occur.” Thus it is necessary to look into the question of whether the family model studied is in actuality a family model “in which violence does not occur.” Governmental social engineering initiatives based on faulty premises – often as the result of inaccurate “advocacy” scholarship often makes the problems it claims to address worse than before government intervened for the sake of “progress.” This post does not make an effort to promote any conclusion, but rather seeks to promote further research and to assist in avoiding superficial interpretations and unjustified or misleading claims that frequently appear in the press.

They also forced him to hold a brick over his head for 15 minutes and refused to give him prescribed medications. Hostetter said that the abuse was her way of punishing her son, and she told police that the reason she poured the syrup on him is because she knows he doesn’t like it.” 2014 – Kimberly Lucas (killer) & Elliana Lucas-Jamason (M, innocent) – Jupiter, Florida –Elliana Lucas-Jamason (2), died; Ethan (10), survived; (May 25) – “Lucas reportedly gave unidentified pills to both the boy and Elliana Lucas-Jamason, according to a probable cause affidavit.

While the abuse was happening, neighbors could hear the boy screaming “Don’t kill me! Lucas reportedly told the boy that the pill would make him grow faster and gave it to him in a cup of coffee, the report said.

Following is a sample of case histories of lesbian involved child abuse.

Cardona and Gonzalez-Mendoza dumped the body in a Miami Beach neighborhood, fled to Orlando and were eventually apprehended in St.

Davontae weighed 35 pounds when paramedics were called to the family's apartment on July 26, 2004.” 2004 – Zahira Matos (M), 20 & Carmen Molina, 32 – New York, N. The boy was also repeatedly beaten and forced to sit in his own urine, police said.” “Doctors and nurses at the hospital saw cuts and bruises on Serenity's chest, abdomen, legs, arms, feet and back.

The police report said there was a golf-ball sized bruise on her head and a large burn mark on her right leg.

She also allegedly tried to give half a pill to Lucas-Jamason in a glass of water, but the toddler didn’t like the taste and refused to drink it.

Lucas-Jamason was found dead in a bathtub by police.

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Cloud.” 1992 – Tivia Strother, 22 (M) & Lisa (Kevin) Smith, 24 – Los Angeles, Ca. 7) – “the toddler was emaciated like ‘a concentration camp victim’ from being starved, and had been forced to stand in a corner for eight hours at a time. The baby girl remained in critical condition at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood with burns covering her torso and genitalia, two broken arms, several broken ribs, and a broken leg, authorities said.

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