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Yachty is gaining high popularity among the people who are drawn to his concerts in wild numbers.The audience at his concert is always found crazily singing and dancing along with the energetic hip-hop star.He stated, “I don’t like spending money on women I don’t know. It feels good to say that.”Lil Yachty has an average build, and his weight is 73 kg. (verse 1)I met what seemed to be the girl of my dreams In the mall at the sneaker store Saw bout a week ago Wondered should I speak a note But probably not I bet she got to a lot of guys in the jock You never know but Would it hurt me to holla Little mama hot and she got all the signature features a momma got (hey lil momma)Listen baby I'm tired of switching ladies Lets say we consider dating, continue communicating No chasing or wasting your time The pleasure is mine I'ma show you how to shine just sit back and recline Cuz the ride on stilts, my bank on swoll I'm wearing rose gold at sixteen years old But right now that don't matter I honestly rather be discussing the two of us And how we gone get together And whether you knew it or not I was digging your style Loving your smile Little momma you should listen to bow(chorus)Hey little momma Little momma let me holla a minute I know you tired of hearing give me your digits but dig it Hey little momma I aint trying to spoil your date Just had to say you looking great today I say hey little momma I'm tryna come over tonight And (say) watch a movie if you say its aight aight Hey little momma I'm digging your style, loving your smile Little mama come and get you a bow(verse 2)I was thinking I could come over And chill with you tonight And sit next to you on you sofa And maybe pop in a dvd.

His annual income for the past year had been .5 million. He was previously in a relationship with the American rapper Diamond. He was engaged to Diamond during their three years of their affair. After a year of their relationship, the couple broke up in 2013. Lil Scrappy was born as Darryl Kevin Richardson on January 19, 1984, in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. He has not revealed any plans of settling down at the present time. They together had a daughter named Emani Richardson.His nationality is American and he is of African-American ethnicity.Her mother’s name is Momma Dee and father’s name is unknown.

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