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To find out how Jillian popped the question to longtime partner Heidi you will need to watch the new docuseries “Just Jillian” which premieres January 19 on E! National Enquirer has an exclusive first look at Heidi’s engagement ring. Insiders revealed to NE that Rhoades has been expecting a proposal for some time.

Heidi’s been with Jillian for nearly seven years – through all the ups-and-downs as Michaels has become a superstar in fitness world and weight loss world.

With my mom, I broke her in slowly, like, "I think I might, maybe be bisexual, Mom." When I fell in love with a woman and told her I was gay, to this day, I swear she responded by saying something like, "If I were to fall in love with a woman, I think it would be Hillary Clinton." She denies it! You look at where we came in the last two years with gay rights, and it's enormous.

And yet you see the tremendous backlash and the tremendous bigotry.

Down the road, I did end up getting another opportunity to be on cover, but I realize life is never going to be easy. Before you signed on to do , you'd said that you were worried about doing a reality TV show out of fear that your family would be attacked.

Now that you've filmed your first season, have your fears been confirmed, or has everyone been more welcoming than you'd expected?

the best part about being officially out that you weren't expecting?

Really just showing my kids that you should never be ashamed to be who you are.

So I was open about having been in relationships with women, but the minute I had my family legally, that is when I came out fully.Ironically, I've often been attacked by the very same community that I am apparently representing.Any minority is going to have issues with a person who seemingly represents them because you don't necessarily represent them the way they want to be represented. Long elusive about her sexual identity, Jillian went public as gay around 2012.She recently got engaged to longtime partner Heidi Rhoades, with whom she shares two kids: Heidi's biological child, Phoenix, whom Jillian adopted, and Lukensia, the couple's adopted daughter.

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