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Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) is the only technology which can substantially reduce emissions in many of Europe’s vital industries (such as steel, iron and cement), produce clean hydrogen which can be used to decarbonise power, heating and transport, and enable the continued use of fossil fuels in a world where carbon supplies are strained.

Therefore, a good deal of what we do is driven by what it is that policymakers would like to understand.But rather a better strategy could look into public funding, focusing on the interests of the public, particularly in infrastructure and not a specific capture project.Capture projects are significant, however that is not the public good.Subsequently, the things which participants then do should be logically connected to the things which are to be done in the future – they shouldn’t be seen as a disconnected set of things.Ultimately, we should have a smart pathway where we are encouraged by the ongoing work at low technological readiness levels, with the view to see them feed into other, larger funding mechanisms.

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It’s about connecting initiatives and agreements together and connecting our story with the ability to enable sustainable welfare, industry and the maintenance of jobs.

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