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In my case, I noticed that this warning is revealed when there is a continuing install in App Store (it was itunes for me and Xcode 8.2.1).Try to cancel download or just wait for it to be complete. This will result in the perception of inconsistent performance as any queries executed during this window might take nearly twice as long to start producing results.The “pair” to the Force Commit Timeout setting is the Commit Timeout setting, where you could cause the commit of the process operation to timeout and roll back, allowing currently executing queries to continue to completion.If you looked inside this file, you would see There is an SSAS property called Force Commit Timeout that specifies what happens to a query that is executing against the cube when the “pending commit” lock is placed, meaning these queries are blocking it from completing.Force Commit Timeout is a signed 32-bit integer property that defines the timeout, in milliseconds, before a pending commit should cancel other commands that preceded the current command, including queries in process.

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I have always wondered if queries against a SSAS cube while it is processing would be forced to wait the entire time the cube is processing, or just for a few minutes? Surprisingly, I found little information on the internet about this.

Fortunately, with help from SSAS guru’s Chris Webb and Adam Jorgensen, they lead me to an old posting that explained it.

The reason is the way a cube is processed: When an cube object is processed a new version of the object is created and this new version is where the processing actually takes place.

For example, the first time you process a dimension you will see in the dimension folder files with a name like 1.(All).astore where ‘1’ stands for the version of the dimension.

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