What is fractionation in dating

But if you're ready to get girls without breaking a sweat, then do this instead.

Article Source: Fractionation Secduction The eternal question is: does a guy's looks really play a factor when it comes to women?

Do you every wonder if it is possible to hypnotize women into falling for you?

Keep reading to find out powerful tactics of hypnotic seduction and get effective and quick results in no time.

If you want the ultimate shortcut to success with women (and will only do so ethically), then click on this link to download The Fractionation Formula for free. expert=Derek_Rake Article Source: Articles.com/3149781 Look guys - if you're craving to date women every weekend but you feel your chances are too slim considering the competition, don't fret.

But before you use this technique, you must heed this warning...

Regardless of the girl involved, from Miss World to the girl next door, women evaluate men depending on how much they can bring to the relationship.

So, in essence, if you can persuade the girl that you are confident and sure of yourself, you'll be perceived as having "high worth", which of course makes you more desirable. The true Casanovas out there, some of them not even in the realm of attractive, use this technique on a regular basis to get girls.

The same thing happens when you treat women like paragons of beauty that you have to worship.

Look, you will only be able to attract females when they start thinking of YOU as the challenge.

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