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It's not always easy to find things to say on a date, especially if you're nervous, but clamping down and not being a part of the conversation can be a turn off.

In fact, being a bore is a feature that could very quickly cause the date to end without another in sight.

Such dramatic displays can feel controlling and push people away," she explained. D, says this a feature that many people don't find attractive.

We've all met a person who seems to have no respect for personal space. She mentions things like getting too close, gesticulating frequently, bumping into people and just plain getting in others' faces.

Many people say they're looking for someone who isn't afraid to show their emotions, but Dr.

Iris Pachler, licensed psychologist and clinical director of New Harmony, Psychological Associates, says too much emotion is a problem, too.

Do you find people tend to take a few steps back from you during conversations?

It's imperative to keep the conversation reciprocal in order to not come off as self involved," she said.

It's a hard truth, and not something anyone really wants to face, but it could be the answer.

By taking a real look at yourself, you just might find that you unknowingly possess one of these traits that are known to send people packing.

She names emotional instability as a feature that quickly turns many people off.

"Emotional instability is usually displayed as an intense emotional experience, followed by behavior that leads to interpersonal issues, such as lashing out verbally, physically, or through manipulations.

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The last thing you want to do if you're looking for love is send the kinds of signals that turn people off.

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