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If you haven’t noticed yet, certain keywords you use in chats may trigger Confetti that will fall from the top of your chat screen in your chat room.

There is about 200 millions people who was using the application on Sep. Even, many Asian actors and actresses are using it right now.Note: These tips and tricks were tested on an Android device. Recommended Reading: 10 Whats App Tips And Tricks That You Should Know Sharing video on We Chat is fairly easy but for some reason sharing videos on Moments is not available yet.However, there is a trick for you to share your uploaded video and send it to Moments.Get an inside look behind We Chat in our n ew podcast series.Learn more about the app creators and the product design philosophy that makes We Chat one of the world's most used social communications platforms.

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i have only one account and i tried to register with my mobile number but these useless chinese did not get me register on it. Unblocking the account proved to be impossible after many frustrating attempts. Just to see how much of a BS app this is, I bought THREE (3) HK numbers and THREE (3) mainland numbers and they ALL gave me the same f*cking problem! Contacted We Chat help on the website (can't on the app because cannot access the app) to no avail. " data-username="Al  C." data-message-link="" data-message-title="Send a message to Al C." data-details="Photo uploaded on 10/3/18" data-photo-url="/reviews/wechat.com#photo_82162" data-browse-link="/photos/wechat.com" data-browse-text="Browse all We Chat photos" My wechat account got frozen and I tried to unfreeze it. Doesn't get any worse customer service or experience than this.

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