Web became a sexists paradise

The linear nature of the articles makes it possible to trace the changing shape of the women’s movement over the years, and often makes disheartening reading.

Issues facing women today are acute as old gains in areas such as equal pay, education and abortion are being eroded, while the technological age has brought new concerns such as the explosion of misogynistic sadistic pornography.

In the article, by Lisa Nakamura, she explains an interesting feature that gamers have created in order to decrease the amount of harassment females endure while in video games.

“A user-generated website was created called fatuglyorslutty.com, which was named from the most common names females are called in video games.

which, “encourages women to take pic­tures of sexual harassers and catcallers with their cellphones and to share them on their website.” (Nakamura pg.

6) There are plenty of websites and movements out there that attempt to decrease the amount of harassment women and men receive online every day.

Young Women Receive Worst Online Harassment: Study " data-medium-file="https://iic2015.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/online-harassment.jpg?

Is there any sort of culpability or social etiquette in place that addresses this issue?These websites/movements/online communities are safe places for those who have experienced any type of harassment or threatening messages.An article in TIME Magazine explains the ways in which women are harassed in a much different way than men are.” Some of the language in the early articles is almost quaint.Michael Behr’s patronising if well intentioned assessment of Betty Friedan back in 1971; “How to be Voluble, Sexy and Liberated,” may seem cringeworthy now, but even old fashioned sexism such as that from the union executive who calls a journalist ‘sweetheart’ and refuses to answer her question about union rules because they’re too complex for her, is mild in comparison to the sexually explicit abuse openly directed at women online today, as discussed in 2007’s ‘How the Web Became a Sexists’ Paradise’, by Jessica Valenti.

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