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The constructors using more than a single argument are only relevant if you want to validate against a DTD and need to provide the location of the DTD itself - for details see the next section.By default, Input Source is = new Input Source(new File Input Stream(my Xml Document)); Validator v = new Validator(is); XMLSchema(true); JAXP12Schema Source(new File(my Xml Schema File)); boolean is Valid = Valid(); designed for validations of snippets of XML against different schema languages.Any compliant implementation must support the W3C XML Schema language, but other languages like RELAX NG or Schematron may be supported as well.

The following elements are supported by the XML Schema parser.This module does not implement the full W3C XML Schema recommendation ( but a useful subset. IMPORTANT NOTE: To get line and column numbers in the error messages generated by this module you must install XML:: Filter:: Exception Locator and use XML:: SAX:: Expat XS as your SAX parser.This module is much more useful if you can tell where your errors are, so using these modules is highly recommeded!This module isn't just an XML Schema validator, it's also a test of the Test Driven Development methodology.I've been writing tests while I develop code for a while now, but TDD goes further by requiring tests to be written before code.

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