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Your bank information is safe as we do not store or view any data you entered.

To validate, type the IBAN in the specified field below either in electronic or paper format.

Interpret the string as a decimal integer and compute the remainder of that number on division by 97 I am doing this for a Belarusian IBAN so it has to follow the following format 2C 31N - RU1230000000000000000000000000000 How do i modify the following to meet the above rules; You can use this library to validate and format an IBAN: I wrote the library) However, neither Russia nor Belarus are supported, as I can't find any mention of those countries on the IBAN page of wikipedia nor in the official IBAN registry so I'm afraid you'll have to modify the library code yourself to add it.

function alert Valid IBAN(iban) /* * Returns 1 if the IBAN is valid * Returns FALSE if the IBAN's length is not as should be (for CY the IBAN Should be 28 chars long starting with CY ) * Returns any other number (checksum) when the IBAN is invalid (check digits do not match) */ function is Valid IBANNumber(input) function mod97(string) AL[a-z A-Z0-9]\s?

You may see more examples in the IBAN Examples page.

With their smart technology: Example : TR330006100519786457841326 / PT50000201231234567890154 IBAN Validation tool is designed to validate an International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Type or paste an IBAN in the textbox below and click "Validate".

The program validates the number and lets you know whether it is valid or not.

That’s because the banks still use an old system to exchange money.

We recommend you use Transfer Wise, which is usually much cheaper.

With their smart technology: The length of BBAN can be up to a maximum of 30 alphanumeric characters.

The tool will also do some quick IBAN breakdown analysis to determine the Country, Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN), Local Bank Code, Local Branch Code & Local Account Number.

Kindly take note that, these tools do not actually check if the IBAN is exist with the bank.

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Banks and other providers often add a markup to their exchange rate while advertising low fees, which means you could be paying huge hidden charges.

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