Updating weekly meeting minutes

Each team member is standing during this meeting because that posture is thought to ensure better focus than sitting down.

In theory, standups are perfect for productivity because they cut the fat of long meetings where no one pays attention and everyone is drawn away from real work. Teams identify priorities and challenges at the beginning of the day so that they can plan to remove any blockers and make sure the path for the rest of the day’s work is clear.

This consistency means Doist team members can always keep a pulse on what other teams are working on.Make time for a one-on-one meeting to address the challenges directly.Standups, like to-do lists, are built for instant gratification.See if it’s too much for one person to handle alone or if you can help break the task down into smaller steps.Standups are also known as “scrums,” a term that comes from the rugby formation of teams linking together to get control of the ball.

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