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This would mean two upgrade of your VMware v Center Server, and two upgrade of your ESXi hosts.I have written a number of guides on how to upgrade ESXi using VMware Update Manager: How to Upgrade ESXi 5.5 to 6.5 Note: ESXi 5.5 does not have a direct upgrade to ESXi 6.7.As of v Sphere 6.5, Update Manager in included as part of the v Center Server Appliance.While Update Manager was part of the v Center Server Appliance, it was not until v Sphere 6.7 U1 that it had full feature parity in the HTML5 based v Sphere Client.We briefly talked about the VMware v Sphere Upgrade Path.If you cannot go directly from one version of VMware v Sphere to the other, you may have to do two upgrades to get there.Think of the VMware Compatibility guide as your one stop shop for making sure your version of VMware v Sphere works with 3rd party components – those software and components not created by VMware directly.

As you can see from this chart, it is easy to see what versions of ESXi I can upgrade from and to.While v Center Server can manage lower version of ESXi, such as v Center Server 6.7 managing ESXi 6.5, this does not work the other way around.You cannot have a higher version of ESXi than v Center server.v Center server upgrades are not very difficult, and there are a couple of ways to do them.You will not use v Sphere Update Manager to upgrade v Center, however.Be sure to check out this detailed guide on how to update v Center Server to get comfortable with the process before you do it.

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