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Required fields must be updated with correct information.It is also highly recommended that a mobile number is provided.There is no need whatsoever to update your ESTA each time you go to the USA within the two year period it lasts for. The address of your new accommodation will be collected in the Advance Passenger Information everyone has to supply to the airline before travel to the USA.The plane can not leave the UK until this information is sent to the US.Enter the name of the card in the “Display Name” field as you would like it to appear in Concur Gov, i.e., Travel Charge Card or IBA.Then enter the name as it appears on the card, card type, number, and expiration date.I was under the impression every time you fly to USA within a 2 year period you needed to update your ESTA so that your new accommodation details were updated.I first got my ESTA last October when we flew to Las Vegas, we are going to NYC in March and I thought I needed to update my ESTA with my NYC hotel but I can't seem to find a way of doing this online? I don't want to get to NYC and have an ESTA showing a Vegas address if this will delay me getting through customs.

If you are a member of Global Entry, NEXUS, or SENTRI, please submit an email or visit the Trusted Traveler Program website.

Note: Confirm that the name on the Frequent Traveler Program matches the name of the Traveler exactly, to prevent potential rejections during the booking process. This includes the Traveler’s “Gender,” “Date of Birth,” “DHS Redress No.,” and “TSA Pre-check” number if available.

The date of birth is considered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and will be encrypted once saved.

Complete the process by entering the billing address and selecting the “Save” button.

Note: For Travelers who do not wish to have their card number permanently on their profile, they may choose to add their card number prior to creating a travel reservation and then delete the card after their travel is complete and the Voucher has been processed.

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For Travelers who do not have a PIV number, such as Invitational Travelers, the “Employee ID” field will contain the Traveler’s phone number. The “Duty Station Address” section can be edited if the address is incorrect.

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