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You can then use the file in another Technomate receiver.USB Drive Once you have partitioned the drive using a PC for FAT32 file system, the drive is ready to connect to the Usb port on the front or back of your receiver.I have had it for about 7 years, but never had much time to properly use it, and I have been told that I need to get it updated as most of the channels have change etc, Having really never got into proper useing the machine can anyone help me.So to update the channels and everything else do I just need to locate the last Technomate patch and install it,(will that update all earlier patches ?To change remote command ****MENU there will be beta amige. usb update by mini webb added to get min web( when vfd show "Checking Key" in booting, press "MENU" button in front) 4. Display added message ("UR" in top right of booting logo) 7.Warning ,,,it is only beta not fully tested, ( Warring : after updating it will be factory reset , you will lose all settings except emul config ) 3. fixed bugs of backup/restore in ur and ursr ( only emul config) 5. added message in top title of miniweb WELCOME to your MINI WEB UR 8. TM-800- UR-30-6-10 Improvements and few functions fixed.

TM-5302 HD, TM-5502 HD: Improved You Tube and Ethernet Stability TM-7100 HD, TM-7102 HD: Improved Recording and Timer functionality About Technomate Ltd Technomate Ltd, headquartered in London, UK, is dedicated to designing, developing and manufacturing innovative, high quality and game-changing products for you.2nd part of download 1-inset USB with TM800_Boot0 2-off/on from rear wait until you see checking key /press menu it will take few seconds to finish A/V Settings 2- Hot key V.Technomate Digital satellite receiver manufacturer model no.But when I tried to set up a connection, it said connection error, even though everything is connected properly.This is the error I get: Connection error Check to RS-232 cable and STB debug mode I am running on Windows ME, could this be a problem?

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I should have said the Technomate 7102 super is a motorised system, the dish has 2 LNB arms attached, I am sure at the time was mentioned Astra and Hotbird. You can also use my latest channel list here:- you William for sending phantom patch and channel list download.

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