Updating multiple records via workflow

If you have any plugin or workflow that are triggered on changing of the Telephone field, they will now be executed even though you only meant to update the Fax field.

One thing you should know is that the early-binding classes inherit from the Entity class, and therefore still have the Attributes collection. This means we could loop through and remove the fields that should not be included in the update request from this collection.

Was there any way to update a field on a disabled user without having to re-enable the user?

There is a little trick that can update just about any field on just about any disabled/inactive record without having to first re-activate the record. Using advanced find, build a view containing just the records that you wish to update and including the fields that you need to update. Export to Excel, being sure to check the box to make the data available for re-import. Update the values you wish to change in the spreadsheet. Import the updated xml spreadsheet in via the import utility.

The lesson learnt was quite interesting and I’d like to share it in this post.

The above configuration does not mean that the plugin will be executed only when the Account Number field is changed.

field, both of these will be included in the update request.

When the import finishes, you should see the changes in the deactivated record.

In some cases, you may be better off activating and changing the record, but with some record types, like opportunities, this can have a down side of messing up the opportunity close data, or with users, requiring someone with Office 365 admin privileges to add a license to the user and waiting for it to synchronize with CRM.

I can imagine how a workflow would be used to create the new child records but I am not sure how I could create the parent record and associate it with the child records.

If you're running on multiple records, then I presume your are starting from a gridview of some sort. Just create a custom ribbon button that accepts the selected records as a parameter, and runs a custom javascript.

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