Updating itunes on a mac

This made my i Tunes show what music I have purchased but is not currently stored on my computer, this just means I can listen to it and download it if I want, but clutters it up with things you may not want.To turn this off, just click view --It is a bit rubbish that i Tunes does not "push" new files into the library specially if you are a Windows user.This fix won't work if you give i Tunes any time to access i Cloud.You have to be deligent and click 'Scan for Media' immediately as i Tunes opens OR disconnect from the internet before opening i Tunes.5) Wait for the entire scan to complete, don't cancel this or you won't have your full library in i Tunes.If Apple monitors these forums, this is your user base begging you to add a 'refresh library' button to i Tunes.I think every other music organizer / player has this feature.

This is just a database of the songs you have in your i Tunes library, when you delete it, i Tunes is forced to recreate it based on what is in your i Tunes media folder.

I use my playlists for my job so I don't want to just guess here and lose everything.

I did do a backup of my playlists so hopefully I'm protected if something happens but just want a bit more guidance on this.

I recently moved my library to an external and made the source folder change in preferences.

My library now shows all exclamations asking me to locate the files. Music and copy (or drag) the i Tunes folder to the new location Option drag (create an alias) of the Music folder back into the original place(make sure it has the exact name)this means the only thing left in the Music folder is the i Tunes folder aliasreopen i Tunes and you should be good to go...maintaining the integrity of the i Tunes folder is the key to this method of backup/restoreit allows you to move your i Tunes folder to other installs/users, other hard drives and open it intact as you copied itnote: i have thousands of songsand some playlists in my library and some videos, but nothing purchased from the i Tunes store, though i don't see how authorizing the moved i Tunes to play purchased would be a problem if that issue arose I think another way is to delete all of your files in the i Tunes file listings (but you jmay bve asked if you want to remove [yes] and do you want to keep the files [yes] I prefer to keep files if it is asked -- you never know)OK, so once you have deleted the file listings, then simply go to the add function and tell it where to find the files.

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