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Kit performs one complete aseptic technique verification challenge test for one technician. The product is quality control tested for growth promotion, p H, and sterility.Medium Basic: The Medium Complexity Level Kit- Basic by Hardy Diagnostics is recommended for simulating compounding manipulations, and for verifying of aseptic transfer techniques of multiple solutions.Package Kit is available in Intrepid's Universe repository.states, in part: “When performing a media-fill test, simulate the most difficult and challenging compounding procedures and processing conditions encountered by the person, replacing all the components used in the CSPs with soybean -casein digest media.”Low Complexity: The Low Complexity Kit by Hardy Diagnostics is recommended for simulating manipulations, involving vials and transfers, and for verifying aseptic technique.The new 8.10 release is called Intrepid Ibex and has 10 days to go before an official release.

A la Carte components come in an array of unique formats such as vials, bags, ampoules, and tubes.All Hardy VAL components are manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified GMP facility.Culture media is quality control tested for growth promotion, p H, and sterility.I have to admit, I was a little disappointed with this release.Primarily the difference between this release and Hardy Heron is a lot of bug fixes, some performance improvements, better hardware support, improved ‘connectivity’ features and a fairly horrible new ‘human theme’.

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