Updating a cracked iphone

In order to access the contents of an i Phone’s internal storage, i OS must be working normally. Other things to consider includes a working touchscreen, a stable battery, working wifi (for wireless access), and functional charging port (for cable access to the motherboard).

If any of these things is missing, an average user can’t hope to recover anything.

Because your i Phone 7 won’t boot up normally, its internal storage is basically inaccessible by recovery software.

Even Apple would be unable to recover anything now given the situation.If you’re thinking that there must be a way to hack into your system and get the data you want, you’re mistaken.Advanced hacking tools are not commercially available and even the most sophisticated hacker out there can’t bring back a corrupted i OS without doing an extensive examination of the entire system.I’m hoping I can do something with your help to save the pictures/videos ( family-wife/son on everyday and vacation times). Contrary to popular belief, you cannot recover any data if an i Phone is stuck to a situation you’re in right now.I did go to apple and they mentioned something about iphone 7 having some issues as well and can replace ibut that I would lose the data ( phone/videos) . Based on how you describe your issue, the only way out for you is to either try a DFU recovery (which will certainly delete your files, if successful), repair, or phone replacement.

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