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If you do not have a Web browser, you may need to acquire a newsreader.

Check with your Internet service provider (ISP) for more details.

Before using any newsgroups, begin by determining those newsgroups which may be helpful to your business and to which your company or product may be of interest.

To ensure the newsgroup to which you wish to post allows these types of posts, be sure to check the newsgroup's FAQ or file of frequently asked questions.

Newsgroups are online discussion groups that deal with a variety of topics.

A common analogy used to describe newsgroups is "online bulletin boards." All newsgroups were originally part of a worldwide network of discussion groups known as Usenet.

Like discussion lists, newsgroups can be active forums for the exchange of ideas and information, providing a small business with opportunities for networking, learning more about the industry and competition, and marketing and sales possibilities.Newsgroups also tend to be noncommercial (although commercial newsgroups do exist), so it is crucial that participants become aware of a group's purpose, makeup, and rules of etiquette. A moderated newsgroup is monitored by an administrator who may screen posts to the group, on the basis of appropriateness of content. Articles posted by users appear "as is." Prior to joining or posting to a newsgroup, review its file of frequently asked questions, also known as an FAQ.In addition, some newsgroups will have a charter, which establishes the newsgroup's purpose and general rules.Other computer basics, which may be helpful in using newsgroups, are the concepts of a signature file (.sig) and a plan file (.plan).A signature file is a small file of text which automatically appends to the bottom of all outgoing e-mail messages.

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Monitoring the newsgroup for a period of time prior to posting is also recommended, in order to ensure you are reaching the correct audience and not ruffling any feathers.

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