Tucker goes 3 minute dating

Velik" came to teach the class about life on other worlds.

Tucker, who had never seen a Vulcan up close before, was terrified of the teacher.

(") He experienced existence in a weightless environment when Ensign Travis Mayweather showed him the "sweet spot" on Enterprise.

It was his childhood admiration for Emory Erickson that made him finally decide that he wanted to be an engineer.

(") During his early childhood, Tucker attended Bayshore Elementary, where he attended his first dance.

The pollen caused paranoid and delusional behavior in the away team; Tucker thought that each member was trying to kill him.

( In the course of first contact with the Xyrillians, Tucker boarded their ship to fix their engines.

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While Tucker was the first Human male to become pregnant, as well as the first known Human participant in interspecies reproduction, Doctor Phlox said the embryo was not techinically Tucker's child, but that he was simply serving as a host.

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