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And he was striking out on Tinder.“I was looking for coffee in a new neighborhood, and a little bit of a human connection with someone nice,” he said. Gendelman had hung around the creative upper crust and he knew that online dating didn’t work for everyone. Artists and musicians didn’t necessarily want to be on a platform that lumped them in with bankers and lawyers. One desperate applicant offered ,000 in cash for a Raya account.Others put together elaborate résumés, complete with press clips and glowing testimonials. A friend confessed that she loved it and had used it to score several dates, including one with a Grammy-winning musician.She said: “I walked out of my job, packed as much of my stuff as I could in my Mustang and left for Michigan.“35 years into my life’s story I will begin to live for the first time.New job, new state, new home, amazing flat-earth man.”But the group is more than just dating, according to Mr Perri, it is also to build a community around a common belief.“It’s the Soho House of dating apps,” said Hayley Greenberg, 27, a social media manager in Los Angeles who joined Raya in 2016 and used it for several months.“They have the really good-looking guys, the athletes, the actors, the guys that have like 500 followers on Instagram but got accepted because they’re a D. Greenberg said, “everyone’s someone.”The app costs .99 a month, but joining is no small ordeal.

Telle, who is now dating someone and has stopped actively using Raya.Stassi Schroeder, a star of “Vanderpump Rules,” has said that she was banned from the app for publicly discussing her match with the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. But Raya may be the first app that has successfully created an atmosphere of intimacy and trust while revealing almost nothing about itself.Its website contains no mention of investors, founders or staff members, and the company has never spoken about its origins. Last month, after pushing Raya for answers, I received a text from a man who said he wanted to meet in Los Angeles, and out himself as the company’s founder.You are only allowed to join if you believe the Earth is flat and if you introduce yourself within two days of being added - this is due to spammers and trolls targeting the group.Mr Perri said: “We are a family and growing community of believers united together under the banner of truth as we are bonded by the same commonality.“We are a safe and fun zone for the like-minded to potentially meet the love of your life, to grow in knowledge and to establish and strengthen new friendships.”The community share links and videos to subjects around the flat-earth theory and discuss it between them.

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