The dating game of life

"The link was inside a message sent to the personal inbox on my scroll and I'm fairly sure you all might have gotten it too, meaning you could all view it on your own scrolls." He stated matter-of-factly earning a collective face-palm from all of them.

"Now now, ladies, no need to argue with each other.

Yang got up and strode over to the dorm room's television and placed her scroll in the docking port letting the projection appear on a larger screen for everyone to view in its entirety."There, now we don't have to hover all over our scrolls.

This feels like it could really be more interesting than any movie.

"Uh…girls, I think I may have found out where he is."Suddenly all six gals bolted around to see Ren behind his teammates holding up his own scroll in front of them.

It displayed a screen intro to what appeared to be a game show.

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