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In contrast, we can see that the second painting is more decorative and vibrant.What do you think this tells of about life in both of these places?Instead of seeking a photographic likeness, or a fixed viewpoint, the Cubists would paint a motif as if seen simultaneously from different angles.This innovation implied that the artist had moved around the subject and that the relationship between an artist and the subject was a dynamic one linked to movement, speed and the modern world.

Any information can now be obtained from a smartphone.Have the students use markers to add details to their heads.The impressionists used light, vibrant colors, sometimes mixed directly on the canvas, in strong contrast with the darker palettes of traditional art.Students did not wear jeans and sweatpants to school.In the art room, explain the procedures for creating our own "floaty people" by using the clothing templates and construction paper to create fancy clothing using colorful patterns like Chagall did during his time in Paris.

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The differences can tell us a lot about the artist and how life was back then.

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