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The Syracuse forum left Anshum888 hanging, but we’re not going to let local singles down.We’ve come up with nine recommendations for anyone hoping to meet singles and make a date in Syracuse, New York. say they met online, while 60% of same-sex couples originally met online.If you are single and living in Syracuse and would like Pre-Dating to run a local speed dating event, please sign up below!Once we have attracted enough attendees for this event, we will contact you: In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance.However, more than half of those bachelors and bachelorettes do want to get married.But it's not just a matter of being single and ready to mingle -- 78 percent of women said it was "very important" to find a man with a steady job and 46 percent of men said the same for their potential spouse.Syracuse had the second slowest population growth of any city from 2015 to 2016. Y., was named one of the best cities for dating with a 52.8 percent satisfaction rate among singles. The minimum sample size for each metro area was 25. The results are based on data from an Apartment renter survey conducted between 11,000 users from Feb. Rankings are based on respondents who reported being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with dating opportunities in their city; renters who were married or in long-term relationships were excluded from the study.

In Upstate New York, there are much more single men than women, especially in Ithaca, where there's 140 available men for every 100 women.

Less than 15 percent of single people are satisfied with the dating scene in the Salt City, according to a survey of 11,000 singles in 70 U. The second and third worst cities are Bridgeport, Connecticut, and New Haven, Conn., with 21 percent and 25 percent satisfaction, respectively. Cold hands don't equal a warm heart, apparently, and no amount of snow can help boost your snuggling opportunities."The Northeast performs poorly on all measures of satisfaction, including dating," Apartment List spokesperson Sydney Bennet told the Post.

The average city sees 42 percent of singles satisfied with their dating scene. "A lot of the dissatisfaction comes from the economy and weather, but those can bleed into the dating scene."Another issue is millenials are moving out of the Northeast and into warmer climates; it's easier for young adults to find love in places like the South and Sunbelt. Syracuse, NY (14.8 percent dating satisfaction among singles)2.

USA Today reports the best large metro areas for young professionals are San Jose, California (114 employed single men for every 100 single women), Denver (101 for every 100) and San Diego (99 for every 100).

Only two cities had more than 90 employed single women for every 100 available men: Racine, Wisconsin; and Lewiston, Maine.

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