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Q: Why do I only have 25 (125, 250, 500...) suggestions? Please be patient: Once 25 of your translations are accepted you will get bumped up to 125 suggestions, once you gather 125 you will receive 250 suggestions (and so on 500, 1000...).In the beginning this might be an obstacle, but as you have to get used to Steam Translation, we have to get used to any new applicants, too.The Steam user community consists of over 125 million people around the world who run Steam in one of 26 languages.We do our best to translate everything for everyone, but we admit it's difficult to keep pace.Q: I saw a suggestion I liked but I'm not a moderator, so I can't approve it directly. You can click on the 1 vote button to vote for that suggestion. You can also click the X number to see who else voted for that suggestion. Core Teams represent the most active translators per month and language and should give you an overview of your overall performance and your progression within your language team.

Once a moderator approves a suggestion an admin still has to apply and export new suggestions before they eventually can be part of an update and go live. You can be notified when new strings are added by opting-in to email notifications (in your User Activity page) or following @STSUpdate on Twitter.

You can check your own user_activity page (under the Reports tab) and click on your name to retrieve a list in the 'translate' section sorted by the status of your own suggestions. You can join the Steam Community group for your language and you will find a status of active translators in your group's chat room in the 'translate' section.

Q: I think a suggestion needs to be improved, can I edit it?

However, we currently aren't looking into adding any further languages to STS.

Q: So I joined Steam Translation, but sometimes I don't have the time, or a temporary lack of motivation to participate. Once your initial application is accepted, you will always be welcome back to contribute, without the need to apply again.

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