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I notice however that "Scotty" barks once just before the restart I am thinking Win Patrol may be blocking some part of the installation process.Not that uninstalling Win Patrol, and reinstalling it later, would be any big deal.Maybe i should shut down Spyware Blaster at the same time, in case it is blocking some necessary Web site?There are, apparently, also 16 pending (whether to Win 8 or Win 8.1 was not obvious to me) - at least, something like that showed on the screen during part of the rather lengthy upgrade procedure. The machine has a two year warranty and is not quite six months old. That is exactly the error I got the first time (there was no specific error message the second time).So, if you already have 8.1 on the machine, it could indeed be a driver problem. In that article I found several things that might be causing the problem.I ran the Upgrade Assistant which flagged two things as incompatible or needing upgrade: It said the Cloud app would not be available in Win 8.1 (I never use it) It said I should upgrade the Real Tek driver for the card reader.

Is there some other, perhaps better way to do this?

Just now (having finally gotten a high speed Internet connection) I tried to update the office laptop to 8.1.

The download went OK, it looked as if the update was going through, and then right at the end it failed.

screens, leading me to think the update was going to succeed.

At the end, however, it said again "attempting to recover the install" and then after a while "sorry, the update failed, returning to your previous version of Windows" (all those not exactly verbatim, but words to that effect).

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