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The second is that as you eat creatures within a level, you actually begin to grow as your life-meter increases. If get large enough, creatures you formerly weren't able to gobble up suddenly get little circles around them indicating that the annoying snapper that used to kick your amoebic butt is suddenly your inferior. There are also little power-ups called "symbiotes" scattered throughout the levels that give you quick abilities like Poison and Shield.Every 5 levels or so the game stops being about just eating as much as possible and instead becomes a "navigate through the tunnels" type of level, which is actually a nice break.

Or you can go with another option: pulling a photo from your Photo Gallery (or taking a picture) and using it as the main 'color' on your creature.Given all the hype these past couple of weeks -- heck, these past couple of years -- you probably don't need much introduction to Spore, so we'll keep it quick.Spore is a game about evolution that works via a little intelligent design: you start out as a helpless, single-cell organism and work your way up the food chain.Of course, this being Spore, you have other ways of surviving the advanced levels, both related to evolution.The first is the ability to add little widgets to your creature like eyes, teeth, and so on in the Creature Creator (more on that below).

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As you pick up evolution points, you can load up with darn near as many little evolutionary tools as you like (as above) without any real impediment to game play.

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