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The man had misrepresented his appearance, his occupation, and his former relationship with my brother. This date's physical stature was not clearly represented via photos.Not only was I not happy with the realistic presentation but he looked exactly like my Dad which I can not personally see as romantic potential.The implicit assumption in Mao’s objection is that giving individuals more control rather than ceding matchmaking to family members leads to better outcomes for those individuals.The clear and accelerating trend in most cultures away from arranged marriages, however, has not been an unqualified success.

In an attempt to bridge this key difference between online and offline dating, we created Virtual Dates, online interactions designed to improve online dating by allowing daters to interact in a virtual environment that mirrors first dates in the real world, such as chatting while wandering through a museum.

Again, a seeming benefit of online dating may have costs.

The final advantage of online dating is the seeming wealth of information available about potential partners.

Why does online dating fail to live up to expectations?

We suggest that this disappointment is due in part to a crucial mismatch between the experience of online and offline dating.

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Some research even suggests that arranged marriages can be more successful than “love marriages,” though the evidence is mixed (see .

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