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In his public statements he displays a remarkable self-awareness and honesty.

Of course, that honesty is marred by two things—one of them being his divorce, which is fundamentally dishonest, the other being the snazzy marketing means of the announcements.

Tutored under a controlling, apparently power-hungry leader.

Educated on the job in a self-protecting institution which hurt its members.

He’s left a Christianity of control, of fear, of rules, of power, of hurt, and of a lack of grace.

But there are two things I want to point out as frames for thinking about his trajectory—both publicly known.The news was met with grief (from Christians) as well as joy (from atheists and other former Christians).Naturally, the circumstances invite speculation, as well as unfortunate puns. Why did he kiss Christianity (and his wife) goodbye?I read through the information at the time, and felt then that these seemed very much like the moves of someone coming into maturity.Harris was growing up, theologically speaking, and we should all rejoice about this. A growing reaction against what had been “purity culture” was growing in the church.

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