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Description Title of the invention A device for ordering and validating an electronic ticket, a ticket issuing system, and an electronic ticket Field of the invention The invention relates generally to electronic tickets or documents, and, more specifically, to generating, transferring, and presenting such tickets or documents.

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A device for ordering and validating an electronic ticket, the device comprising: a ticket application; a security element; a trusted agent; a registry; a ticket storage; and sending and receiving means; characterized in that: - the security element is adapted to generate a random identifier; - the trusted agent is adapted to store said random identifier in the registry and after signing as a signed random identifier in the ticket storage;- the ticket application is adapted to: generate a request for an electronic ticket, the request comprising said signed random identifier; and to send said request to a ticket issuing system using the sending means; - the trusted agent is adapted to check the integrity of an electronic ticket received in sealed state by the receiving means from the ticket issuing system; the ticket application is adapted to compare an identifier in the electronic ticket with the random identifiers stored in the registry, if the outcome of the integrity check was positive.

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