Silverlight service reference not updating

When I select to update the service reference, the following happens: The dialog doesn't show the text "Generating \something\" (can't remember the exact wording) which I would expedct.

They are both located in the same Visual Studio solution.In the mainstream Silverlight case this is all handled for you by the implicit link between the Silverlight client and the ASP. However, in the vanilla WCF case, you get the full control.The URL to the service is of the following format: in my case that is: App-Web-Dish View Domain Hitting that URL in the browser gives you the very familiar WCF proxy help screen: And tacking on the ?This is (as most know) not recreated everytime you make changes to the . You can see this if you go and view the date modified property of the web service file, in my case it was three hours old!My solution was to make appropriate changes to the service contact, save it, and re-build the project which will cause it to recreate all the .dll's reflecting the changes you made to the service contact file (.svc). Tried to "Update Service Reference" and did not see the change. Still didn't see the change when writing code in the client.

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