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Let’s look at your options: Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook all want to help you build the next greatest bot.Having won Jeopardy in 2010, IBM Watson is one of the pioneers in the field.However today AI is on the agenda of all tech giants.Their solutions have a supporting community and a small army of developers so you won’t need to worry about developing on a platform that can suddenly be deserted.These companies rely on publicly available APIs to build custom bots for their clients.There are hundreds of such companies and very few of them are specialized.The updated list allows you to sort/filter the results and learn more about the products.* Chatbot platforms offer developers capability to build and publish their chatbots.

We have the latest and greatest version of this list with a much better interface under Startups are trying various approaches to innovate in this emerging market.For example, graphical user interfaces and even bots to build bots are offered to facilitate bot development.They use their own platform to develop complex bots fast.Using their own platform they are able to quickly produce competent bots.

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