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We had many different things we did, like digging a huge ditch or carrying heavy logs for firewood, and dinner and KP. We weren't allowed phone calls except on Saturday, and only family. When he asked if he could take me to lunch, they made someone from the ranch staff come along, as a chaperone. There was Jesus who was in charge of the whole place. Wren, Hugo, Matt and Megan were some of the other staffers.The girls would go up to upper ranch at around 9pm. Some of the kids' names were Charis, Maren, Dina, Brooke, Rigel, and James.All the courses were about Scientology; there was no English, Math, or History. When she returned to her high school two and a half months later, she was told that those classes she took at the Ranch do not count for anything, and as a result she could not graduate with her class.Meg was only allowed to call us once a week and there was a limited time for the call. My name is Meagan Porpora and I am 25 years old now. I didn't know anything about the place or the religion. If I only knew the hell I was in for, I would have never agreed to it.When I was 17 years old, I agreed to go to the Mace Kingsley Ranch under false pretenses. My mother was dating a man who was into Scientology. Ever since my father passed away in 1990 my mother has changed. I arrived at the airport in New Mexico to find a man named Matt waiting for me.

That made things a little better, knowing that she would not be left behind but as it turned out that was all lies, just like the rest of the stuff that they claimed to do for the kids.I never would have categorized my sister as an out of control teenager or a child with behavioral problems.She was like every other high school senior, occasionally cutting class to hang out with her friends and every so often, breaking her curfew.I will never forget this time in my life because it was one of the most painful experiences my family has endured, especially Meagan.My mother and her boyfriend had starting going to Scientology meetings and had found their new belief. I honestly don't know if she really believed in the Scientology crap, or if she was just following her boyfriend.

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