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Several shots were fired by the marshal and his men but to no effect. He was later taken to Springfield and his trial was postponed and he was finally acquitted on a technicality.

In May 1865 a stranger rode up to Banner's house and aske i for lodg- ing and without further conversa- tion, drew a pistol and shot Sanner through the head. Shields drew a poinard from his cane and stabbed Reavis near the heart. Turning now to the industrial side of this period of the sixties, it may be stated without fear of suc- cessful contradiction that from the time the first passenger train was run from Greenville to St.

In the institutions of this city and in the many channels of business are each day seen evidences of increasing opportunities for intellectual, mor- al, financial and spiritual gain and growth. The following is a complete record of the elective officers of Greenville from 1856 to date.

We all know what Greenville of the present day is and we will use no space in telling present day his- tory, for, as has been truthfully said, the history of any community, is the history of its men and women, and in the pages which follow there is portrayed by pen and picture what Greenville is today. GREENVILLE was one of the first towns in the state to take advantage of the laws to incorpor- ate under special charter.

Morris, A former real estate man, now living at Toledo, Ohio. Sanner refused and at the same time made some threat.

Captain Mc Adams replied that he was not afraid but that he insisted on what he had a lawful right to do. a musket through the door shutter, the en- tire load taking effect in the Cap- tain's abdomen, making eight holes in his person, there being one ball and seven buck shot in the gun.

The bodies of Captain William Colby and Lieutenant Ives, who were killed in battle, arrived in town June 29, 1863. The advent of this road gave Greenville an impetus such as it had never Dr. In the fall of 1873 there was a pressing demand for houses an 1 the town began to go forward again. White and others, much of this early history was collated and some of it was published. At the time of his death, March, 1891, he •w&s Mayor of Greenville, President of the Board of Education, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Congregational Church.

The Green- ville Milk Condensing Company commenced operations in 1902, but all these have enlarged and are still enlarging and their history in detail is given elsewhere In this vol- ume. by the first ordinances passed by the present board of trustees of said town, which said ordinances are hereby legalized for that pur- pose." Section 5, of the same act, provid- ed that "the corporate powers and duties of said town shall be vested in five persons, who shall form a board for the transaction of busi- ness, and the persons who may be in office as trustees of said town under the general incorporation act of this state shall, after the passage of this act, be deemed to hold their offices by virtue of this act until the first Monday in May, 1S55, and un- til their successors In office are elected and qualified, and to dis- charge their duties in conformity to this act." There are no records of the doings and acts of the board prior to the act of 1855, and the first three years records of the new board, from 1855 to 1858 have been lost and diligent research has failed to reveal who were the first officers under the special act of 1855, but from old newspaper files the names of the officers from 1856 to 185 8 have been obtained and the city records, complete from 1858 to date supply the necessary information from that time to date.

LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS AT URBANA-CHAMPAICN q977.387 C239h T . 8 The person charging this material is re- sponsible for its return to the library from which it was withdrawn on or before the Latest Date stamped below. reosoni for disciplinary action and may result in dismissal from the University. Che tash of assembling the historical data has been a great one, but when once assembled, the work of confining it to a vol- ume the size of this, without losing sight of the essential facts, was even greater. Co single out any one individual, or, for that matter, any dozen individuals, as having given valuable assistance in this work, would be to over- look scores of others, who have done equally as much. Jett, were scouring the county near its north boundary line, when a squad of some thirty five men, under com- mand of Lieutenant Joel B.

To renew call Telephone Center, 333-8400 UNIVERSITY OF l Ul NOIS l IBRARr AT URBANA-CHAMPAIGN "X/c-W^ I J HISTORICAL SOUVENIR OF GREENVILLE, ILLINOIS. In order to confine the story of Greenville to a volume of this size it became necessary to treat the subject in a general way. Of course there have been some who have contributed vastly more than others in its compilation, but to the whole people we are indebted for whatever measure of success this little book attains and to them we wish to express our sincere appreciation. Paisley, a veteran soldier, were discovered at a halt, watering their horses.

The funeral was held at the court house, addresses being made by the Rever- end G. Business increas- ed, brick blocks replaced frame buildings in the business center and an uncertain and transient trade be- came augmented and permanent. During the year 1869 no less than 75 buildings were erected in Green- ville — more than all the improve- ments of the previous decade. Buie's addition to his store, Holies and Sons' brick bank building, the brick with the mansard roof by Wm. Smith & Co., known later as the National Bank building, and many other busi- ness houses, besides residences, as well as two new flouring mills, one by Mc Lain and Wafer and the other by C. In 1S7G, the centennial year, the Greenville Advocate paid special attention to the early history of the city and county, and through the efforts of the Reverend Thomas W. Greenville then had three banks, the First National, Bradford's and Holies'. ■^S/ E are now coming rapilly to ' ' days well remembered by many people who now live in Green- ville and as we approach the pres- ent there is less to be said, without going into an exhaustive resume of the times. Allen, Deceased, Who came to Greenville in 1855, and formed a partnership with Dr. This was a good year for wheat, for the local papers tell us that in one week the last of July ISSO, two Greenville banks paid out ,245 for wheat and this did not include the business of the mills and small buyers. THE opening of this decade marks a new era in the history of Greenville.

The railroad awakened a spirit of enterprise that hat been lying dormant for want of opportuni*y or development. Among the new blocks and buildings were the Morse block, (destroyel by fire October 27, 1904) the J. The eighties opened up in Green- ville with a cyclone, the most se- vere winlstorm in the city's history. It is chiefly the in- dustrial spirit that predominates in the nineties, and, in fact, up to the present time.

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