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The Associated Press quoted the Wilsons' father, David Wilson, as saying that the three had remained in the apartment during the siege because they feared someone else in the building was being sought by the police. Ward's mother, Dorthula Wisener, also of Arlington, said in a telephone interview Thursday that her daughter was no stranger to "bombing," and that the Wilson siblings and Mr. Ward."You have a bunch of people talking in a chat room and, well, everybody knows your phone number and where you live, so you get into an argument with someone, you say, ' I'm gonna bomb your house,"' Ms. "Bomb your house means they're going to send the police over.They dial 911 and pretty soon the police are near kicking your door in."I know because I've had them coming in here guns drawn when her friends did it to me."Ms. Wisener said she had gotten for her after she could no longer live with her daughter's telephone chat sessions. "I would pass through the living room when she was living here and I could hear them, oh God, screaming and yelling, and I was like, ' Fatin, how can you talk on the phone with everyone screaming like that? Wisener said that she had unlimited long-distance phone service, and that one statement showed her daughter had made a call that lasted six hours and 40 minutes. J., March 24 - A young woman was arrested by law enforcement authorities in Texas on Thursday and charged with calling in a long-distance hoax that led to Tuesday's daylong siege in which police SWAT teams cordoned off a neighborhood here and surrounded a house for hours in the mistaken belief that a violent rapist was holding a young girl hostage inside.According to her mother, the suspect, Fatin Ann Ward, a 24-year-old convicted sex offender, spends hours at a time on telephone chat lines and has history of "bombing," or calling in false police emergencies at the homes of other people.Chat rooms have become a popular Internet location for the exchange of information, online gaming and social contact among other things.

Someone who becomes the target of an investigation by the Houston task force or by any state or federal law enforcement agency should seek the advice of a criminal defense attorney who has experience handling cases under state and federal cybersex statutes.

The anonymity that the Internet offers makes cybersex crimes appealing to some individuals who believe they are protected from detection.

However, that same anonymity could put someone in the position of engaging in sexually suggestive emails or texts with someone who could turn out to be an undercover police detective or FBI agent.

Law enforcement agencies know that chat rooms have become more than merely cyber meeting places for social interaction or to find out how to repair a faucet.

Cybersex has become a popular activity in many chat rooms.

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