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Though the company offers an affiliate program, where women and men can be part of the Selective Search database without paying, I wanted to be a client. Plus, I figured, if this service has a lot of male clients willing to pay thousands of dollars to find a partner for them, they would be able to find me a guy who was as successful as me.

When we finally met in person, he flew to my city to take me on our first date.

Another time, I went out with this guy who seemed great, but when we went back to my place, he said, "I couldn't provide you with this kind of life." Those dates mostly made me feel insecure about myself.

After striking out with the guys I met online or through friends, I realized I had to be more proactive.

To test the waters, I started dating again by going on a lot of blind dates set up by friends.

I also tried online dating, but I wasn't comfortable with it because the profiles felt misleading. One guy I went out with said, "I don't like when other guys look at you." That was red flag for me.

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I knew what I wanted, and Jessica found him for me.

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