Scott speedman and teresa palmer dating stories of teen dating violence

Ekow also won everyone over before his date with Deborah with his attitude towards life with MS."I was walking really badly before, and the wheelchair is quite fun, especially when you're going down a hill. And in Deborah, we had high hopes that he had met his perfect match: "There's so much opportunity you have just by waking up the morning." The date saw Ekow deliver a poem to Deborah and it seemed to do the trick, especially when he pulled out the smooth "company was better" line when asked about the food.He appeared in the big-budget vampire franchise Underworld: Evolution and the spooky home-invasion thriller The Strangers with Liv Tyler. “Personal stuff I have no idea how to fucking answer,” he says. “We have this ongoing joke that we’re going to do a Felicity TV movie. It could go so many different ways.” The series, created by J. Abrams and Matt Reeves, was certainly groundbreaking, especially with its final episode arc that had Felicity travel back in time.This week, he surfaces with a curious supporting role in The Vow, as the ex-boyfriend of Rachel Mc Adams, a woman with amnesia who forgets she loves her husband (Channing Tatum). “At first, we didn’t know what was going on,” Speedman says.On most days, Scott Speedman—the ex-dreamboat from the WB drama Felicity—spends his mornings hunched over a laptop at a local coffee shop near his home in Los Angeles.A lot of the other patrons there are working on screenplays, but Speedman doesn’t see himself as a writer because he struggles with narrative structure.

Today is Teresa Palmer’s birthday, and we thought it’s about time we celebrate this babin’ Australian actress and model.

“I have my green tea and l look at scripts,” says Speedman, who is now 36.

“I can’t read at my house.”He’s looking for that elusive, meaty part all struggling actors dream of one day finding.

In living rooms across America, while adult viewers drooled over George Clooney on ER, their teenage kids were madly in love with Speedman.

As Ben Covington, he played the chiseled athlete who prompted Felicity (Keri Russell) to drop out of Stanford at the last minute and enroll in a New York university, just so that she could gaze at her high-school crush between lectures.

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