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She has a bubbly personality and takes pride in making people laugh.

Oma Shirichi*, a first-year nursing student, says she rarely discusses her depression with friends — and especially potential partners — for exactly that reason: she doesn’t want it to be too much.

For Shirichi, this means keeping herself busy with her studies, her friends and writing poetry in her spare time.“I took that year for that mental cleanse and just taking time for myself. “It put everything into perspective to sort of analyze what went wrong and what I want and how to balance my personal needs with the needs of somebody else.”Dating with mental illness is hard work.

It means communication, patience and self-sacrifice from both sides.

I can push my problems aside for a minute or an hour to talk because I know I’ll be listened to that day.” Humphreys-Morris wants it known that it is possible to have a happy relationship, even — and maybe especially — while dealing with mental illness.

In some cases, building a healthy relationship when your mind isn’t healthy means taking a break from the world of dating altogether.

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