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In fact, he liked her so much he thought she might hail from the Great White North, just like Ryan does. Ryan Gosling certainly does seem like he would be the best.That's right, Ryan thought Emma Stone was a fellow Canuck. There's obviously a reason Emma can't stop gushing. —the more I secretly wish they were dating in real life. And don't even get me started on them together in Crazy. Anyway, I think these pics and videos prove my point: OK, who's with me? —the more I secretly wish they were dating in real life. But the more I see them together in Gangster Squad promos—in theaters now, and I can't wait to see it! And, you know, I would be more than happy to console a newly-single Andrew Garfield... But the more I see them together in promos—in theaters now, and I can't wait to see it!Has Ryan secretly been taking dance lessons this time? Instead of sleeping together, they just stay up all night trading stories and making each other laugh. We couldn't imagine turning down a chance to sleep with Ryan - even we were convinced that Emma's night was way more magical. Emma revealed, "I loved that part in the bedroom where Ryan’s and my characters are getting to know each other because that was the day that we got to do a lot of improv." So they just naturally looked that good together and delivered flawless scenes of adorable times in the bedroom? Emma can't stop saying enough good things about Ryan. After their first movie together, Emma hoped they could do it again and boy did her wish come true! So let's just keep casting these two opposite one another, okay?Is he moonlighting as a crooner at some underground clubs? The best is when Ryan and Emma take their on screen chemistry off screen and act like a couple in real life.At an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, Ryan said, "Well, I like working with Emma, because I think she's secretly Canadian. She's wildly apologetic for no reason at all." And Emma, being the loveable goof that she is, answered, "Sorry about that." See? They are able to seamlessly go from big compliment to comedic moment without missing a beat. Lucky for Emma, Ryan also felt the same way about working with her. After their first collaboration in 2011, Ryan said, "Well, it was scary to work with Emma because she’s so good. Ultimately, it was the best, because there’s nothing that you do that she can’t roll with or turn it into something, even if you throw her a bunch of bad ideas.

And who could pass up Emma's adorable figure and dorky cute personality? If we ever get close to him, we're latching on and never letting go. Emma and Ryan were the leads and spent a lot of time together working on their scenes, vocals, and choreography. Emma revealed, "I was very sad when we were done, because we had also rehearsed this for so long and we honestly spent like five months together…

Even with all of the pushy photographers, the moment was all about the two of them. Usually, we don't really enjoy watching people make out. The amount of heat in those kisses sure seems real to us.

But with Ryan and Emma, it's both hot and sweet at the very same time. They look amazing and we love when they lock lips and treat us to a PDA session we didn't think we wanted. But we guess that's just what good acting looks like.

Well, guess who went home with matching "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" in a Musical or Comedy awards? And now, they're nominated for another record breaking 14 Academy Awards. But Emma, ever the modest lady, replied, "That's not true. He's got that old school charm but sometimes he can look a little intimidating. She makes him laugh and we love when he cracks a smile. We can't get enough of seeing Ryan all dressed up in a suit and Emma stunning in a gorgeous dress and heels. But they don't let their polished looks stop them from being their goofy and fun selves. But if any man ever tries to get a restraining order against you, they're clearly not thinking straight. I think it brings the best out of them because you know one another, and you are able to help each other in a way that you can't if you're strangers." We love that these two are so much closer than just two random hot strangers who appear in a movie. Like Ryan said, they help each other and bring out the best in one another.

It's not - you know it's not." Does Emma know something we don't? They're always sharing little side conversations on the red carpet and having intimate moments with one another. where Emma's character and Ryan's character are getting to know each other? Isn't that what we're supposed to be looking for in a life-partner? Or they've at least found the recipe for an amazing movie.

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Before the official prints happened, speeches were made by both Ryan and Emma where they complimented the heck out of each other and the big moment.

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