Rules for dating a leo man

Leo is a Fixed sign, and this means that the Leo man can be opinionated and stubborn about certain things.

It is hard to change this man’s decisions once he’s made up his mind, and because he’s also certain he’s always right, there is no guarantee that he will even hear out your side of the story.

Don’t mind him if the famous leonine temper flares — he’s really just a big pussycat underneath all that growling and his roar is much worse than his bite.

Ruled by the Sun, the Leo man is outgoing, confident, and energetic.A partner must be worthy of his prestige and bring their own special cachet to the relationship.He is a wonderfully romantic lover, and it will be no surprise that this sign is associated with the Fire element. His self-confidence is sexy, his gestures are bold, and his charm is irresistible.This is the same approach when it comes to love and the Lion.Love is earth shattering, ground shaking, spectacular, and dramatic to the Leo Man. Each time he does he will be convinced it is the last time, the only time, and that all the other times were erroneous.

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Being a bit self-centered at times, a hardy pat on the back and a little ego stroking go a long way with this man.

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