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WISNER & WISNER's model IV allows the device to save a result into memory and print the result. now WISNER & WISNER, LPP concentrating the law practice in DWI Defense. Wisner begins representing clients as far away as Niagara Falls, Watertown, Ithaca, Oswego, Syracuse and Buffalo. The content of this web site is designed to advertise for the law firm of Wisner & Wisner, LLP. The law firm disclaims any liability for reliance upon the content of this site. WISNER & WISNER also acquired a Rep Co Simulator which is used by law enforcement to simulate a breath test before and after a subject blows into the Datamaster to check to see if the device has fallen out of industry standards. The device is known to be used by the New York State Police, the Monroe County Sheriff, the Rochester Police Department and other law enforcement agencies in sobriety checkpoints and at road side stops. The law firm begins a annual campaign to raise money for the camp. JULY, 1999 WISNER & WISNER begins fundraising for Camp Good Days & Special Times, Inc. "When Your License is at Stake" and "Fighting For Your Driving Privileges" are registered trademarks of Wisner & Wisner, LLP.Wisner and his client interviewed after the court renders a final decision not to reverse itself on an initial verdict of not guilty. Wisner submitted case law in support of the proposition that a trial court cannot reverse itself on a later date after a not guilty verdict. Wisner is successful in precluding the chemical test when the admissibility of breath test foundational documents are called into question due to electronic signatures and the inability to cross examine the authors of the documents.

Materials include an August 24, 1998 memorandum for the President regarding a telephone call with Yeltsin, an October 5, 1998 memorandum of telephone…

This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memoranda of conversation (memcons) between President Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin from a working dinner on April 3, 1993 and a meeting the following day.

This Mandatory Declassification Review contains Department of State cables regarding relations between Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan related to Usama bin Ladin.

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This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memoranda of conversation (memcons) and memoranda of telephone conversation (telcons) between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President William J. This Mandatory Declassification Review contains memoranda of conversation (memcons) and memoranda of telephone conversation (telcons) between President Clinton and South Korean President Kim Young Sam regarding the nuclear issue on the North Korean…

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