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When you have spent 3000 credits sites promise that you can ask for contact details.When you receive the details, they don't work!My purpose in life is about helping people and I think my time should be spent on that instead of wasting my time actually having hope that one day I will actually matter.

Frustratingly no one seems able or want to address the sophisticated deceits with the crooks responsible! This website is discriminatory, as well as a rip off. Total waste of money and they refuse to answer my questions when I send a question to them. Men will pay to talk to women that will contact you first all of them act desperate and try to convince you they are serious about finding a relationship.

The girls are most usually Ukrainian (on the sites listed above), but there are also similarly syndicated sites of women from other areas of the world run by the same outfit, based in Cyprus, registered in America and your cash for credits is processed in the UK.

The scams appear an acceptable part of regular (irregular) business practices.

I sent a gift, and received a photo of the gift, but pictured with it was an entirely different girl!

Customer support response; "Girl look terrible without make-up I" I only did that the once! The girls are implicated as only some of the photos and videos are on Instagram.

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I know a lot of you will say we should never give up but I say you are stupid, I quit, having a family and being a dad was my biggest dream and now I just want to stop.

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